To all my new friends, I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. Happy Holidays!

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    1. I was hired with this company after a few years of working as a flight instructor. I hadn’t flown a twin engine aircraft in years and the hiring and training process was the most stressful and exhilarating experience I have ever had as a pilot. In my five years there, I made some tremendous friends, learned a ton about flying, and had so much fun that much of it was probably illegal.

      I moved on from this once I had my first child. I just couldn’t physically do the 12-14 hour 4-5 night a week schedule anymore while caring for a newborn. I found a position with a charter company from which I was laid off in 2007 and I haven’t flown since.

      I miss flying tremendously, but I don’t miss all of the ineffective and sometimes downright idiotic regulations, ginormous egos and occasional misogynistic attitudes that went along with it. This video really helps me remember what I loved about flying.

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