Creepypasta #1

I pulled the comforter up over my ear, snuggling down into the bed, consolidating whatever warmth could be found. It was well past midnight, but I couldn't seem to get settled. My thighs ached from trying out my new bicycle this afternoon, and my body tottered between too hot and too cold no matter whether … Continue reading Creepypasta #1


Writing Practice #1

Disclaimer: I am drunk.  Any grammatical or typographical or uh, logistical errors are due to my inability to hire an editor on such short notice and the irrefutable fact that I am currently drunk. Author’s Note: My homesnakes! I wrote 714 words!  I’m on FIRE!!!  Please check back for news of this woman’s return to … Continue reading Writing Practice #1

An interview with Yertle, Former King of all Sala-ma-Sond 

Following the dethroning of King Yertle, the residents of the pond returned to their idyllic life, unaware of how much things would change once their new king, Mack, was coronated.  It seems that while King Mack's aspirations were not as lofty as those of the previous ruler, he nevertheless had plans for the pond-dom that … Continue reading An interview with Yertle, Former King of all Sala-ma-Sond 

Repeat! (a microstory)

"Did you hear that?" I whispered, my eyes drinking in the darkness surrounding the car. He stopped kissing my neck long enough to mumble a distracted "No" before returning his attention to my skin. Thump. "There it is again!" I crowed and then quickly lowered my voice, not wanting to alert whatever had made the … Continue reading Repeat! (a microstory)

Imprisoned: A Micro Story

In an effort to up my game and get back in the swing of things, I've decided to write an occasional micro-story from a roll of the Story Cube dice. This is one such exercise. Story Cubes: Hand or palm, Tower, Apple, Alien, Lightbulb, the letter L, Fountain, Moon, Flower   She sighed and rested … Continue reading Imprisoned: A Micro Story