Warning: Blog virgin’s first time

So, how do you do it?  Blog, I mean.  How do you know what to talk about?  How do you know anyone will care or be even mildly interested?  Will people judge you based solely on your blogs?  Do you care if they do?  Do you do it just for yourself as a kind of electronic cyberspace diary?  How much of yourself do you expose to the universe?  Do you feel nervous?  Afraid?  Fulfilled?  Excited?  Anything at all?  Does it get easier?  Does anything?

So many questions.  I suppose this is a lot like a lot of “first times.”  As such, I have a lot more questions than answers and I have a fear of exposing too much and going too fast.  I think I’ll let it end here, after reaching first base.  I have a lifetime to go further, delve deeper, and dive into the blogosphere.  Be gentle with me.


4 thoughts on “Warning: Blog virgin’s first time

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